Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Kittens purr

Love and Cherish
Personally I like to support local companies especially when they are independent clothing stores based here in Australia.  A few years ago I discovered Kitten D'Amour in Queensland and I have loved their clothing ever since.  Its a great mix of all I adore with their gothic lolita, retro inspired clothing.  One of the best things about their clothing is you can wear it as a complete outfit or take the parts you love and work it into your daily wear.  In fact its actually a store I always make a special effort to get to when ever I get to the sunshine state.

With their collections ranging from sweet and innocent like the picture to the left from their Love and Cherish Collection to amazing dresses for the races in the Rue De Paris and Dearly beloved collections as seen below.   These pieces let your inner Goddess shine through in a multitude of ways and really who wouldn't want to be a Goddess in their daily life.  Plus when attending events you are sure to stand out in the right way.

Dearly BelovedRue De Paris

So do you like what you see so far?  Then make sure you jump on their website and have a look for yourself.   And please make sure you watch the clip below to help you feel inspired


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