Monday, November 12, 2012

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

It was a quiet night in when my AppleTV suggested I watch a movie; yep a bit creepy that the little black box next to me TV knows what I like but hey it was right.  As I a am a fan of sci-fi, geeks, con's and documentries it suggested that I watch Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope.  Normally I'm a bit hessitant of doco's on us geeks at con's as they usually paint us in the "never left our parent's basement' light.  However when the doco is produced with people like Morgan Spurlock, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith it was worth watching the trailer at least I thought....yep and I was right it was totally worth it.  

I am a proud geek gal who embraces being a bit left of centre and enjoys dressing up in Cosplay to go to a con, so to be able to watch a doco that is all about embracing what you love was brilliant.  I admit there were even a few times when I teared up at some of the stories they followed in it.  Trust me if you have ever been to a con, been called a geek for liking sci fi or comics then this is a movie for you.  It also features some great interviews with people like Seth Rogan, Seth Green and of course my favourites Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith.  Plus it features great quotes like ..... 
"The geeks shall inherit the earth. 
Firstly don't call me a geek and secondly how much do i get? 
Do I get Australia?" Joss Whedon

 "If I could go back in time and tell the 11yr old me that not only will you go to comic con but you'll go every year so much so like you'll be greeted by Stan lee when you show up.  And the 11 yr old me will be like how did we get so fat? " Kevin Smith

So yes now more than ever I am planning to save up, make costumes and somehow get myself to comic con at least once in my life.  This movie is worth the watch so jump on iTunes or your local web-streaming channel, I'm personally now going to try and find a hard copy so I can watch this whenever I'm feeling blue to cheer myself up.

Hopefully it will also inspire you all to follow your dreams and realize you are not alone.  Chances are if you like it there are others out there in the 'verse who also do.  So let you freak flag high and celebrate who you are!!!!!!


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