Friday, November 9, 2012

New Colours

I have always had a soft spot for Katy Perry's style as its just the right mix of stunning makeup and quirky outfits.  Sure not all of her clothing is suitable for walking to the supermarket to pick up some milk but I love the risk of what she wears. 

So as the red in my hair dye starts to fade I have been looking for a new color, partly because of the fading but mostly as I seem to see every second person with the exact same color.  This started me searching for some inspiration.  Sure I could follow the cosplay path and go pink, green or something just as out there but the color has to be one I can also wear to work.  Which is why when sent a link to Katy Perry's wide awake clip the suggestion of dark blue/purple seemed to speak volumes to me.  I'm currently researching what it all entails and most likely I'll end up at Wildlocks in the city as they are amazing when it comes to colors like this.  So right now its all about watching Youtube clips to find out the good, the bad and the mistakes I can learn by.  And who knows the next pic of me may be with my new color.

And now for the clip that is inspiring the color change....enjoy


wanderingstar83 said...

Did you get choose a colour yet? Blue would be awesome :D
I'm thinking of ditching the red too, but probably going boring brown.

Tiki Doll said...

I'm pretty sure the dark blue is the way I'm going to end up, tried a dark plum bit it didn't last too long so I'm heading to the professionals in the next week or so to see what they can do. Hope all is well in Japan, miss ya heaps

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