Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome home

Ok so its been its been a long time between drinks so to speak, LOL. Due to a thousand and one things happening in my life my blog had to take a break and hopefully that will be the last of the breaks.  *fingers crossed*

So whats been going on in your life??? Well I've moved into a new store so spending lots of time making it as pretty as a picture as we head into the silly season of Christmas.  Otherwise known as the time when us retailers drink, become exhausted and end up buying our friends and families gift cards as presents as we just can't face another minute in a shop.  Yep that was a heads up for all my buddies.....  Currently I'm spending my days surrounded by ultra cool goodies and tiny tinsel trees; there is even a hot pink one so that may end up on my desk at home.  Coz of course that's what every good office needs a hot pink xmas tree.  

Apart from being crazy busy at work I've been spending a lot of times with my buddies discovering new things and supporting local artisans.  Its no surprise to many that I have been trying to spread the word for local artists and hence I've been given a whole bunch of new music, art and indie movies to enjoy which has been great.  I'm still a massive fan of Tom Dickins and Amanda Palmer and recently received some amazing packages from them both but more on that to come.   

I've also decided to plan 2013 so I can get the most of of the year when it comes to conventions and events.  The list includes multiple interstate trips to places like Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane for events ranging from PAX (gamers convention), Supanova/ComicCon/Arrmeggdon (geek conventions) to retro events like Gangsters ball/wintersun/hot rod shows.  Yep so 2013 is going to be one busy year for this gal; but hey what can be better than always having something to look forward to.  

With that said I'll sign off for today and hope to see you soon with lots more news about this wonderful world we live in.


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