Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yay...more packages


DRESS | Sopris SailorAs the year draws to a close I tend to realize that I still have gift vouchers from last Christmas that I need to spend.  No I'm not the gal that forgets she has them only to find them two months after they expire, rather I get vouchers for places where the choices are so overwhelming that it takes me for ever to decided on what I'll get. 

SINGLET TOP | Rebel Mermaid ArielThankfully I was finally able to decided on a few items from one of my favorite Queensland stores called Berserk.  You may not know who they are so I'll let you know they are a great team based in Bowen Hills in Queensland Australia who have been bringing some of the coolest items to our shores since 2001.  

Plus their service is amazing, I ordered my pieces at 5pm on monday afternoon with regular postage and had them in my hot little hands Friday lunch time.  I mean how cool is that, plus with the parcel ID I could even see when it landed in Melbourne and the postman had picked it up for delivery.  Over all I couldn't be happier.

TOP | Sea Siren [grey/cream]Right now I guess your saying to yourself "Sure the service was great Tiki but what did you get???"  Well....I got all the items from the images on the left. Yep that's right I picked up a sailor dress, Ariel the mermaid singlet and cute sailor top.  Plus I also picked up a couple of magazines for a bit of quiet reading.   I was also so pleased to find that measurements displayed online were exactly what was delivered.  As I'm sure we all hold our breath the first time we try something on from a mail order purchase.  But yes everything fitted and I couldn't be happier.  So to Fleur and all your team a big THANK YOU as I now have some of the coolest things to wear to work.  


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