Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney & Barneys & Christmas what could be better

I can't believe its only something crazy like 36 days till Christmas!!!! So instead of freaking out about decorating, present buying and all that jazz I've decided to go looking for inspiration.  Last year's theme was Vintage but this year I'm thinking of going cute geek girl.  So first port of call is Disney for inspiration, and I stumbled on the clip for the launch of Disney and Barney's collaboration for their New York Electric Holiday.   

So this got me to thinking what would a cute geek girl Christmas look like; and yes you will see more geek inspiration in days to come, but for now its all Disney.  Thankfully even though I'm not near the magical kingdom I can still get my hands on cute Disney things.  Plus I may it may include a couple of hello kitty things for a bit of extra cuteness.    

I'm currently thinking lots of sparkle, lights and mickey inspired decorations plus a lot of the Disney Princess' for that extra special touch.  Watch out christmas stores here comes Tiki.


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