Friday, November 23, 2012

A world of possibilties

Many things have changed since the days where we were all forced to only watch what was on TV when the TV networks said we had to.  We've had VHS, DVD, laserdics, bluray ok so the list goes on; and now we have the web.  Apart from the ability to stream TV the coolest thing is that many artists who aren't getting cast on the big TV networks are getting a chance to make a name for themselves via the net.  

As many of you know I'm a big fan of The Guild (which I first saw on Xbox live) which has lead me to the Geek and Sundry channel.  This then lead me to more work of Amy Okuda.  Many of you may know her as Tink from The Guild, but I have just watched her as Sam on BFF.  BFF is a black comedy about four highschool girls who; well lets just say want to rid the world of suck by any means.  This show was brought to us by the Youtube channel YOMYOMF - you offend me you offend my family.  So I thought I'd show you their promo vid.  It still makes me smile to see the blending of 'main stream' actors with the indie webseries crowd.   

So have a watch and see what else the web has to offer, you never know you may just be able to see the next big star.  

Happy watching    


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