Sunday, November 11, 2012

In the mood for some K-pop

Most would say that I have very varied tastes when it comes to music and style, so its no real shocker that I have formed a bit of weakness lately for K-pop (Korean Pop Music), in fact I remember being a bit into J-pop when I was in my early high school years thanks to my Japanese friends.   There is just something that makes me smile and in some cases break out into a dance routine when listening to the tracks.  

If your not quiet sure what on earth I'm talking about the most recent cross over from K-pop to aussie mainstream is the song by PSY called Gangnam Style.  I'm not sure why this one went viral and ended up on stations like Nova but maybe it has something to do with the video clip, youtube it if you haven't seen it.  I dare you to keep a straight face when the guy in the elevator dances....and yes my crazy mates have been seen breaking out these dance moves in clubs.  

Apart from PSY I have fallen for a group called Girls Generation, partly because their songs make me smile and partly because where else can you see a 9 girl k-pop band.  I guess it also brings back memories of my J-pop days when you would hear Japanese with the occasional English word thrown in.  Yep it still makes me giggle to hear this.  I also like the fashion and the make up which got me searching through my make up tutorials and lead me to Michelle Phan and her great tutorial on how to do K-pop makeup.  I really like Michelle's clips as she explains each step really well making it easy to follow, plus this is a great base for me to practice my anime cosplay styles.  So in the interests of spreading knowledge I've included her clip below and who knows maybe when I've got the style down a bit better I'll show you my attempts at it.  So sit back and enjoy and thanks to Michelle Phan for sharing this great clip.


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