Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey mr postman

In this age of twitter, email and Skype (to name a few) its rare that we get excited by going to our mail boxes as there only ever seems to be bills lurking there or a ton of junk mail.  However this week I was pleasantly surprised to see a package from Woodend waiting to greet me.  Inside this plain white package was a gift of joy from an artist who is very dear to me; Tom Dickins.  As a proud supporter of his music since I discovered him last year I was overjoyed to find to hard copies of his CD's signed and waiting for me in my mail box.  Not only were these copies signed but they had a personal message on them for me which made them ever more special.  It warms my heart to think that Tom took time out of his day to sign these for me and send them.  So needless to say these are now in pride of place on my Music wall and they are being listened to over and over again on all my playlists, which makes me even more excited about his current project which so many of us are helping to support.  

So please get out there and support your local music acts.  They need your love and support, coz you never know just how much a kind word or a cd/merch purchased can help them to achieve their dreams.  If you like what they do, show your support it all counts.

my new pride and joys


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