Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nail Art

Ok so I have taken a leaf out of a couple of fellow bloggers books with my nails this week. Usually the most wild I get is a diamond on the corner of each of them, or colored tips. However after seeing the cute stuff SKM and Violet have done recently I decided to take the next step. They aren’t as way out as I plan to go but I figured I’d take it in stages. So off to my favorite nail bar to see Ms Jeni, and after a pedicure and refill I got my blue nails.

I let Ms Jeni to some ‘freeform’ I think she called it. It was amazing to watch as she perfectly repeated the pattern on both nails with the brush. Then it was time for some sparkle, we all know I can’t resist sparkle, so silver glitter paint and a single diamond was placed on each. I love the results and now really want to up the anti with the designs.

As I have acrylic nails there is also the option of getting new pre done tips. I was eyeing off the Louie Vouton inspired ones, not sure though as there were also some pink cherry blossom ones and I have a really weakness for that pattern. Or maybe just anything in pink...oh the choices


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