Saturday, March 27, 2010

100th post! Tripod Vs The Dragon

A perfect way to celebrate my 100th post with comedy.

Get ready to laugh as we are officially in the funniest time of the year. The Melbourne international comedy festival!!! So many acts so little time….so far my wish list looks like this

Tripod, Ali McGregor, Henry Rollins, Arj barker, David O’Doherty, Josh Thomasand about another 30 acts

But first up is Tripod on my calendar as I’m going to one of the pre-season shows at the forum. Always a good laugh and this time its Tripod versus the dragon. Which of course brings the question what do you wear to a D&D inspired comedy show? Thankfully I’m going with my friends Cupiedoll and Warlock, so there will be much laughing at ourselves as much as Tripod.

I have always adored Tripod, from back in the day when they did tend to dress a bit like the Wiggles – sorry boys to there current stuff. Best songs, in my opinion include Lingering Dad, Is it ok if I stalk you and the this one

I watch a weary old man with his brief case, each year of city life a wrinkle on his tired face

Is this the man I will turn into? and then I think you

Somewhere across the city you are on a train, looking at wrinkled lady

We should get out of here baby

We’ll take the road out the countryside my dear,

Where the mountains go forever and the birds are always near.

We’ll build a better life we’ll leave the city far behind us

Living where the outside world will never find us…..

Stockpiling weaponary

Lye lye lye bazzokas lye lye lye

Lye lye lye hand grenades lye lye lye

Lye lye lye Booby traps Lye lye lye

Lye bunker network Lye lye lye

Lye lye lye Lye lye lye Guns

Lye lye lye Fadeout Lye lye lye

Lye lye lye Black helicopters Lye lye lye

So with their music ringing in my head it was time to channel my inner geek and find something. After much indecision I decided on black stockings with boots, little black shirt dress, extra black and white check scarf and black leather jacket.

So what is the show, according to the boys its

"Tripod versus the Dragon combines classic old-school character comedy and a bunch of great songs with liberal references to the great operas, the bible (all three testaments: old, new and Superstar) and the other bible: the D&D Player's Handbook. It's the "Ring Cycle" meets the Three Stooges meets stats."

And the verdict.....Brilliant is all I can say. You'll love it if your a) a tripod fan, b) ever played or know someone who plays D&D or c) have a great sense of humor. Plus you gotta love it when there are shadow puppets in a comedy act. Keep and eye out for Yoni's orc inmpression and Gatesy's wizard with pointy hat. GO SEE IT NOW!


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