Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now these days there seems to be only two types of prices when it comes to underwear. Firstly there is the very lovely and very pricy (usually my weakness) and then there is the cheaper and often short living option. Don’t get me wrong I own plenty of both; but I have stumbled on some great little finds of late.

Cotton on body – not your normal cheap and short lived. They are quite well priced av$12 for briefs and $20 for bra’s, with some really flattering designs. I hold a particular weakness for their Warner bros designs especially with BamBam and Pebbles from the flintstones. Also when they do their ‘ruffle’panties/bloomers they are simply a must have – so soft and yet so fluffy.

And the other is brasnthings. For instance below is a steal at $30.

So its time to hit the shops girls and grab a bargin or 2.


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