Saturday, March 20, 2010

whats that up there?

As with most things in this fair city of Melbourne things aren’t where you’d expect; and we do love to create very puzzled expressions on people.

I mean who names a swimming pool after a prime minister who drowned – Harold Holt Public Pool or makes our city square in the shape of a rectangle or even builds a monument for two explorers who died of thirst (Burke and Wills) on top of a water feature. This list goes on but by I digress.

Most fantastic places are ones you find when your lost, and so the only way to find them again in to stumble into them or get lost again. And of course I just adore a rooftop bar; Miikii/Firedoll/Cupiedoll will all attest to as I have made them climb many steps in search of libation. So when a friend informed me of not only a rooftop bar, but one where the location was not only known but also easy to get to I just had to go. This place is about 20mins from the city and right on a train line so I was more than happy to pack my little bag and head out to find new fun.

How do I describe “The Corner” let me think…..a university house – complete with bar with yummy food and rather well priced drinks. I think it used to be one of those old shops that were shop-front on the street level and personal dwelling above and behind. Now its all open for us crazy people to enjoy.

The jungle room is a must with weirdly painted monkeys and jungle animals watching you as you play pool. Nothing like being able to use the excuse “the giraffe put me off” when not managing to pot a ball on the pool table. The music is a fantastic weird mix, and you get feeling that there is some drunk guy hovering around the stereo just waiting for a chance to put their music on. Yes the temptation to do that did cross my mind.

Of course with all bars some of the best reasons to go there is to be with the people. Naturally being with friends as made it a great place for me, but the crowd of late 20 to 30 something’s is relaxed and cool. Not cool in the look at this label but more the bohemian way I remember my University days, with a thousand different types of people all just being and chilling together. Like I said before – university house party. This would also be a great place to start or finish a night, as being by the train station means you can get there to and from the city for as little as $4.00, cheap considering cab fares in Melbourne.


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