Sunday, March 28, 2010

St Kilda art, food, writing what more can a gal ask for.

Melbourne can be the most amazing blend of fashion/styles/thoughts and people in general. This week I made my to one of my favorite streets, Acland in St Kilda. I have always had a soft spot for St Kilda/Elwood/Balaclava as they were always this great blend of artist/boho/hobo/trendy and yet they all seemed to mix without any problem. So this week with pen and paper in hand I headed to my fav street for some writing, photos and of course yummy food.

So with my little rockabilly dress it was time to wander and work up and appetite. It can be a bit weird to have chain store next to a independent trader next to a restaurant, yet it seems to be the best way you can describe Acland with its mix of styles both in trader and customer.
What did I write you may ask? Yes a little for this blog but a lot more for me. That was until an author friend of mine turned up with yet another crisis in their latest project. It was funny to have a discussion about their ever growing book (currently in edit #3) when my current writing style is this sharp short blog. Needless to say the fact that they turned up with laptop in hand trying to edit while discussing it made me laugh more than a little. Thankfully there came a break and a dinner, so for a moment the editing had to stop.
Maybe next time I won’t answer my phone when I’m out.
Who am I kidding of course I will ;)


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