Friday, March 19, 2010

office gal

*Just another day at the office*

Now I work in a pretty relaxed office these days, such a change from being on my feet in retail for the last 16 years. So I am still trying to balance my love of pinup/gothabilly/gothic Lolita style with some very ‘straight’ people. As we work in a trade style company (sparky’s, mech’s and sales reps) I can embrace my love of the fitted western shirt. I do walk a fine line of corporate pinup (which seems to come out a bit more saucy librarian these days) and western tradie. But it’s all a question of timing; especially as there seems to be this thing called casual Friday (ok so its new to me) but I am trying to get them to embrace the casual dress for a cause that we used to have at school. Like Jeans for Gene’s day, that or get the office in pink for Breast Cancer day. I’ll let you know how that goes, maybe I’ll just settle for everyone getting involved in things like the biggest morning tea.

So I ask all you stunning gal’s out there what do you wear to the office? Or what do you wish you could wear?


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