Monday, March 15, 2010

Well I’m back from my whirlwind tour of Qld. Thanks to all of you who braved the weather and came & said hi on sat night. It was great to meet Ms Servitude, Lou and Heidi (sorry if your names are spelt wrong), as well as a lovely Ms who showed me her amazing chainmail jewelry pieces.

So yes I did survive the working weekend, tired and more than little pleased to slip into bed very early Monday morning. If nothing else this was the sort of weekend where planning your fashion can really pay off; which makes me want to share my fabulous travel find with you. I am a strong believer, now, in packing the least possible (this only comes from having to pay excess baggage charges the last few trips that almost cost more than the actually flights). As well as trying to pack light I also love to have my laptop (no real surprise there) and a few bits and pieces on the plane with me. With this current climate of restrictions on planes and being me, I need a bag that allows me to get to everything in and show it all for customs. Usually I travel with my big cream canvas bag that is like the tardis and holds more than you would think, however it also means that I a) fill it so it’s heavy and b) spend ages trying to find things and panic thinking I’ve lost it. Not good when it’s your boarding pass for a flight. That was all of course until I found this delight…….

Now she may just look like a mid size bag, but she is more, so much more. This little gem was actually designed as a toiletries bag for travel, but I have found is the perfect travel handbag. It unzips to show two halves both with a clear pockets and a one side a cute candy stripped mini bag with mirror; now who doesn’t love a mirror in a bag.

Another fantastic feature is that the whole has an inner waterproof lining, well since it was a toiletries bag it makes sense which means when my bottle of hand cream leaked over the weekend it was really easy to clean and get dry. Plus there is a hook thing which means I can hand the bag open from a door handle when at a hotel so I can easily see that I have packed all my stuff as apposed to just guessing that its all there.

If you can’t tell yet I love this bag. I’m seriously considering getting one in red to so I can match it with all my retro gear.
So the upshot of this weekend is the bad has now been road-tested and pasted with flying colors. It survived spills, big wallets and makeup kits, still carried and protected my iPod/phone/camera; and I didn’t loose my flight info.


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