Thursday, March 25, 2010

*The Swell Season*

For anyone out there who has seen ONCE you will already understand why I adore The Swell Season.

I first discovered Glen and Marketa in the independent 2007 Irish film ONCE about struggling artists, which slowly won the hearts of audiences worldwide. Within this feature the music was a bigger cast member than any actor and I needless to say fell in love with the lyrics; and about 10 minutes after watching the film was in the car heading to JB HiFi in search of the soundtrack. Now most people would know their song which won the Oscar for Best Original Song, Falling Slowly. However it is songs like The Hill and Leave that always leave me week at the knees. I admit in my weaker (and only one in the house moments) I have belted out these songs via the Xbox/sing-star.
I think the biggest thing for me about this group is the raw passion that flows thru the music. We all know I love my raw music (Ani Difranco, Amanda Palmer for example), to me singers may be the best in the world but if the passion can be heard in the lyrics and performance then that’s all I need to connect”

So when I heard they were in town it was a quick jump online for tickets. Then drive on down to on of my favorite suburbs, St Kilda for dinner at KL and over to the Palais to sit back and enjoy the wave of music wash over me. Sadly as the only way to get there on time was to go straight from work I ended up ending a rather soulful concert as a bit rockabilly. Oh well….some times you just gotta dance to the beat of your own drum.

Wish you were all here!


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