Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Let’s Check in……..

What was your most engaging moment this week?

Creating a bond with like minded people

What are you most excited about in the future?

Putting into practice all that’s been discussed this week

So what a week it’s been. As I said in an earlier post I’ve been on the road a lot this week with flights to the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne all within 5 days of each other. Needless to say the coffee’s having been brewing and I am very happy to be heading home to my own bed soon. Before I curl up in my own bed, yes I’m so glad I can say that tonight, I thought I might let you know what’s been going on while on the road.

Well apart from working I’ve been experiencing the fantastic world of people. Sure I meet people in my working world every day but these last 5 days have been really special. Firstly I had the chance to catch up with some dear friends on the Gold Coast while on my business development 2 days. So a big hi to Kendiedoll and Modman for the coffees, great brekky and business chats. This was fantastic as the launch day for Tikidoll Dressups Store is getting closer. Also a “hi” to my dear friends Kitty, BamBam who put me up for the very brief trip, as well as a big thank you to everyone who made the trip down from the Sunshine coast and Brisbane to see me – Skywalker, Ms Mish, Lou, EV Mark, Stutty and Ret. Lots of fun and work got done so all in all a great busy 48 hours.

From there it was off to a leadership conference and a chance to make new friends with the 280 delegates who I’d never met before. What was an amazing twist of fate my bestie Mikii and Leelee were our coffee team. So I went from only knowing a couple of people to having my 2 best mates working by my side which was great as I always had a coffee ready and waiting for at the end of each session. So what’s so great about a leadership conference? It really was a chance to understand how to drive your own business from a culture of “remarkable conversations” for yourself, co-workers and staff. Not to mention there were a few other bonus.

I actually managed to meet up with and make some new Melbourne based friends and boy do they now how to have fun. All I say is combine a few bottles of wine and digital photobooth and your bound to bond. We did break the record of the most people in the booth at once. A big thankyou and shout out to the following who made a very busy long 2 days full of smiles, laughter and wow factor.

Mr G, El Presidente, Em’s, Bee-effective, Manda, Vic, The 502 crew,

Curious George, DJ, J, Megs, Mr R, Big Ricky, Matty K, Rach, SM

and everyone else who I had the joy to meet

Plus another WOW moment was when at the delegate dinner who should turn up but Scod, Yoni and Gatesy! I don’t think I could have had a bigger smile on my face to see them. Not to mention I actually got to have a chat with them after the performance, and they preformed some of my favourite songs – the xbox song – and got us all singing Sweet caroline by neil diamond. In fact this was just the start to an amazing night of fun for all of us.

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How are you feeling now?

Tired, excited to be part of an amazing future!

Most amazing moment from this weekend?

New bonds formed and up close with Tripod!


Leelee said...

We miss you chrissy.
It was so good to see you and to be able to catch up with you in the Gong. Even better that we had knives and toilet rolls...
Looking forward to coming to Melbourne even if it is for work. I'm sure once it's knock off time us girls will let our hair down just a little bit. That's our favourite.

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