Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gossip Girl - Lingerie and Sleepwear

Well since the release of Series 3 of Gossip Girl I have not only been able to
a) watch all of season 3 in a week
b) indulge in my love of fashion
c) indulge in the fashion of Blair Waldorf
d) be super excited to see slips and stunning lingerie worn by my favorite character

So apart from the normal intrigue, plots, plans, love affairs and all the rest that makes up Gossip Girl I am adoring the fashion of Blair Waldorf. Ok so it wasn't going to be that hard for me to fall in love with her style again. Especially after the last season when I ended up buying one of her dresses for myself. But this season I'm swooning over the lingerie and nightwear she has. Slips, teddies, french knickers, torsolette's (also known as a basque), stockings and silk gowns. Yep I'm in heaven.

All I will say is if you love a little lingerie then borrow these DVD's from your local DVD store or friend (yep you will have one who has this as a guilty pleasure) sit down and enjoy. Blair brings back the style and seduction that lingerie is to a vintage gal in a modern way. It does give me faith that old style Holly wood Glamor is alive and well in TV land.

I've added this little clip I found to give you a taste of the Gossip Girl style and entice your lingerie desires.
XOXO TikiDoll


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