Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm ready for my close up

On a recent shoot I was asked about Pinup Modeling, and "how I do that" versus my fashion/story shoots. So I thought I might give some advice to all you pin-ups out there.

My first piece of advice is RELAX & HAVE FUN!
The biggest part for pin-up photos is that feeling of fun and cheekiness.

Know where your limits should be drawn.
If you feel uncomfortable posing nude/semi nude for pin-up shots, consider posing with props that might cover sensitive areas for an alluring and teasing pose.

Search for pinup images you like and practice them at home.
Also see if the model has something similar to you i.e long legs and try to recreate the pose

Talk to you photographer.
Find out if they have shot these types of poses before, and listen if they have guidance.For instance I know that when a photographer says "Chin up Tiki" it's not that I'm doing a bad job, just certain poses make me look like I have a double chin. Or when the say "relax" its because I get so in my mind about what I'm doing a I get frown lines on my brow, hence I go back to tip #1 RELAX

Use Props
They had a bit of fun to the shoot and have been staples of the style from its inception.

Use caution in the studio.
Lights can be hot, and props can sometimes be tricky to handle.
So just be aware of whats around you.

Make a cd/mp3 palylist with all your favorite songs that put you in the mood and mindset of a pinup. You can often give this to your photographer play it while you pose or listen to it while your getting ready. It will help you relax and make it more fun

Point your toes.
This will help make your legs look longer, leaner and hey nothing ruins the wow factor of a lady’s legs in nylons than a 90 degree ankle.

Be Prepared

Always bring a few outfit options to ensure you have the ability to change with your sets, mood and surroundings. This includes having a matching bra and brief set. Simply because that outfit you felt fabulous in last night might not do it for you when your nervous. So have a back up.

Know what your wearing and know how to lace a corset.
Ok this one is one of my pet hates when it comes to lady's buying corsets/torsolettes, bustier and not knowing the difference or how to wear them.
And yes they are all different things for different reasons.
If you buy a corset please find out how to lace it to really give you the shape you want and embrace your curves!

But most of all enjoy!


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