Thursday, September 9, 2010

What are you rebelling againist?

I have a crisis on my hand! And to a certain sense I need everyone out there in the alternative communities help. What on earth can be so stressful you may ask? Is it death, famine, disease? Is it the resurgance of fluro leg warmers? Is it that it’s ok to wear a hoody to any occasion? Ok lets not even joke about that one. No it is much worse than that.

Very recently I changed jobs, so yay me for gainful employment in one of my favorite industries, retail. But this is not the issue. Nor is the location, hours, staff or even the pay. Nope it’s the UNIFORM!!!! As I write this I’m having an attack of the vapors!

I’ve had to wear uniforms before, and yes the can sometimes be wonderful. At the beloved PA I learned to embrace Pink and wore a bright pink tank top every day with my retro skirts. At Porties I learned to match their current themes with my vintage flare. Then there was my time at “Auntie” where as long as it was business I could be as retro as I wanted, and the last office job where I went to town as an embodiement of ‘1950’s secertary’. So here when I was told about the uniform for even managers (yep I’m the boss again!) I was hoping I might have a little wiggle room. Well there seems there isn’t even space for a tiny pencil skirt or scarf here. So what is the dreaded uniform you may wonder. No its not a bear suit, although right now I’d rather wear that.

No it’s worse than that; I have to wear…….




I know it doesn’t sound that bad, but since my self-imposed ban on jeans (unless doing manual labor) I’ve done well not wearing them until now. When first told about the uniform I was at least hoping to embrace a bit of a “Rebel without a clause/James Dean” and “The Wild One/Marlon Brando” style, but to no avail. Instead I’m feeling more “Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke/prison wear”.

Since these movies were released, plus the addition of many more including West Side Story (you gotta love the Jets) teenaged and young-adult men have turned jeans & t-shirts into ‘cool’ fashion perpetuating the symbols of rebellion. As great as this is sadly my company is not so much looking at the style as the function. I originally thought to put my own touch I’d wear heels, retro hair and make up. A big “No” there as well. I was told “no heels”, “natural/neutral makeup” and “plain hair”, hence the attack of the vapours!

So I’m hoping everyone can help me to find a way to embrace my uniform and not become one of the faceless masses. Any thoughts?


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