Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - Vintage Fashion Talk

Candice sharing her passion for fashion

Well what a great start to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week! So far I've been to fashion exposed, the launch of Peter Alexander's Spring Collection (photo's to come) and most importantly a talk of Vintage Glamour by a fellow blogger, Candice DeVille.

Candice showing off some stunning pieces from her collection

Not only was this a great talk, it was also fantastic to see so many from the 'vintage community' come out to share, talk and most importantly support one another. A big hello to Nicole Jenkins owner of
Circa Vintage, Kesenya from Alice Jeans, Nada Bos from Something Else Clothing and AK from Allan King Photography.

Apart from these amazing vintage ladies and gentlemen it was wonderful to see so many like minded people coming out to share the passion like this lady.....

So what were all doing there you many ask? As part of the “Slumber in the City” City series; Located at City Square, Swanston Street, between Collins Street and Flinders Lane, we indulged in some stunning sleepwear displayed by Circa Vintage.

Then watching the Peter Alexander sleepwear collection. And of course at 2pm – 3pm: Candice DeVille presented a workshop on vintage glamour, with a focus on sleepwear, and my favourite topic LINGERIE!

We also got to look at classic original pieces on Eszter and Marianne, which made me smile as Marianne was wearing a piece similiar to one of my newer additions.

Plus there was a nice look at how to wear and create a look using modern pieces. Because let's face it sometimes you have to get modern bits to create your look.

Overall a great start to fashion week, and a big thanks to Candice for a wonderful talk!


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