Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Space

Sometimes there is so much in your head that you don't quiet know where to start or what exactly you should be writing about. So while in my new little office, which at the moment is very sparse I thought I'd talk about making a creative space for yourself.

As I adore fashion, writing and art I figured the first place is to create some inspiration for those days when I'm staring at a blank screen and need a bit of a boost.

So a couple of prints were found like this canvas print of a typewriter to help inspire me and remind me where all the writers before me came from. As well as this massive canvas prints of some of the places I'd like to see, work, write about and one day have my store in. Its always good to have something to inspire you for your long term goals, just in case you forget why your doing what your doing.

A little bit of reading never hurts. Its great to have a mix of autobiographies, fashion mags and other bits in pieces to help get those creative juices flowing. Plus it gives you a bit of a boost to see what went before and how it relates to today. I actually keep my books of Pinups and Dita Von Teese close to hand for a pick me up and a great source of WOW when I'm trying to plan an outfit, or see how pieces can work together.

And of course my favorite mug with either a T2 tea or Whole Bean Coffee just for an added pick me up, especially if I'm writing late at night or a Sunday afternoon. There is just something so wonderful about having the perfect cup and hot beverage to help get your thoughts in order. It also never hurts to have some fresh flowers and a nice scented candle to quiet your mind. At the moment I'm loving vanilla bean soy oil candle as it fills the room with a warm scent that doesn't over power.


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