Friday, September 3, 2010

Roller Derby Dolls

I've like roller derby for awhile. For me it was a great mix of female power, skates, attitude, rockabilly and a bit of naughty fun. Then with the release of Whip It and finding out one of my ex coworkers (Raspberry Bullet) was in the QLD league it got me thinking about it all again. The ladies that went before and had the crowd standing on its feet cheering while they knocked the other team to their knees.

If your not sure what I'm going on about here is a bit of information I've managed to piece together from various sources.

The term Roller Derby goes back as far as 1922 when it was used to describe flat track roller skating races. However Derby is mostly known as a 19/50/60/70's sport where is started to have more and more theatrical elements.

Contemporary Derby is now international with over 500 women's leagues in 16 countries. And most are non-profit for the love of it teams. For me, I adore the rockabilly/pyschobilly aspect of the dress. Plus its about being strong and confident in your own skin, a lesson we can all learn from.

For me its not only about the sport, its about embracing yourself. Simply as you are, or how you want to be. The doco about the QLD team was also on the ABC not so long ago which has only amped up my interest. Thankfully there is a rather large derby league in melbourne so in the not to distant future I'll be heading to a match. So hold onto your skates for the next installment.


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