Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A bit more me.......

With my new phone also came the new challenge of our to make it a .....bit more me. So how do you turn a plain black Nokia into a retro tattooed Nokia?

So what you need:
  • Phone (obviously)
  • Smiggle Skin in pattern of your choice
  • Cleaning Cloth (i used the one for my glasses)
  • stable surface to work on

They are decorative vinyl covers that allow you to personalise your favourite gadget. I used the retro print from Smiggle, at only $19.95. The great thing is you simply pick your gadget model & preferred Smiggle design on the interactive touch screens found instore, then take the receipt to the counter.

Watch as your Smiggle Skin is laser-cut right before your eyes. Which means the skin will fit perfectly on your device.

Wipe clean your device then peel from the backing, and gently lie on the gadget. Once your sure its all lined up right press down and smooth out any air bubbles. And there you have it!

If you want to see a bit more have a look at the smiggle how to vid here.


Martin said...

Thats a Cool look for your personalised phone

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