Sunday, September 12, 2010


I come from a very odd family; half are professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants) and the other half creatives (musicians, film makers, designers, artists and actors). Which is very interesting when as a young child your submersed in one specific side of the family, needless to say I was brought up by the creatives. However the divide there is always a strong element of support from both sides. The creatives use the professionals services and the professionals try and buy/watch/ talk about what we are all working on.

Now you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with a Patronage Society, and more to the point Amanda Palmer. Well its pretty easy I see the support within the family as a form of patronage. Not sure what I'm talking about...well the history of art patronage refers to the support that one 'richer' person provides to the 'artist'. In a sense it was the original form of sponsorship.

One artist that I stand behind and support with my small patronage is Amanda Palmer so it was interesting to hear her view on the subject. Hence here it is for you to have a look and listen at.


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