Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More of What Katie Did

Its no secret I adore What Katie Did and this latest edition has done nothing to sway my love of this store. Antoinette is one of their dramatic overbust corsets, with a design that harks back to the 18th Century when debauchery and decadence were the order of the day; when sexuality was celebrated and cleavages were flaunted, before the 19th Century came along and everyone covered up again.
This creation is a vision in chocolate brown and black taffeta with tactile chenille roses. It offers great support for B-E cup sizes thanks to the winged sides, and the gored hips ensure that those with vintage figures (a ten-inch or more difference between waist and hips) can achieve a significant reduction, whether experienced in wearing corsets or not. The Brown Rose Showgirl Antoinette is very limited edition, so don't delay if you picture yourself in one... before the queen is deposed!

What Katie Did corsets are made up of several layers: base fabric: 100% cotton twill, 100% cotton lining fabric, an internal waist stay and the face (or fashion) fabric. A combination of spiral and flat steel boning is used. Two piece grommets and washers are used at the back, placed between boning, whilst all of our corsets feature a steel busk at the front.

* Modesty Panel
* Stainless steel busk front opening
* Back laced
* Combination of 10 flat and spiral steel bones
* Each corset is made by hand by one corsetier from start to finish
* Specialist dry clean


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