Thursday, July 15, 2010

who's coming to stay?

Normally I adore having guests. The excitement of seeing old friends, catching up over tea and cake....however as I am in the process of rebuilding/decorating my house there is no room that's safe. So how do you create a place where you and your guests feel comfortable? This is my challenge for the week.

Creating space for guests in your home involves more than providing a comfortable place to sleep; it's an opportunity to make people feel welcome and ensure that their time spent with you is memorable.

Step 1. Be Honest
Ok so you've been living in a building site, so be honest and tell your guests before they arrive. Make sure that they don't allergies to dust or paint, and be honest with what your doing. For instance I'm pulling up carpets, painting and plastering so I've warned guests what to expect, so far so good.

Step 2. Choose the Right Room
I'd love to say here I have a perfect room already for my guests. In my mind maybe, as its the room that is almost finished and has a bed in it. And often this is the best you can hope for. Again be honest at what stage your renovations are at, this way your guests will know what ever you offer is the best you have at the time, it also will get them excited to come back and visit when finished to see all your hard work.

Step 3. Decorate Sparingly
In a strange room, comfort and space are more soothing than a clutter of unfamiliar things. And lets face it move out the paint tins, tools or other work gear where possible.

Step 4. Outfit the Bed
Make up a double bed with four ample sleeping pillows -- two medium or firm, and two soft -- as well as two smaller pillows to prop up the head when reading. Provide both light and heavy blankets, as well as a lightweight throw for afternoon naps.

Step 5. Closets and Drawers
Make sure there is adequate closet and drawer space. And don't be offended if they don't unpack, thats just some people.

Step 6. Bathroom Essentials
If the bathroom is shared, clear space in it for guests' toiletries. Stock it with new toothbrushes and toothpaste and a supply of clean cotton towels for each guest. Supply a few luxuries that one might not find at home: a beautiful soap, an unusual cream, a special shampoo, or a small bottle of perfume or cologne. If your guest has allergies, provide a hypoallergenic soap and moisturizer.

Step 7. HAVE FUN!

Chances are you won't be home much so go and enjoy your town and time together.


Kendie said...

Maybe you could see if they would like to help you paint!

Anonymous said...

Offence is the best defence.............................................................

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