Saturday, July 10, 2010

Make Me Up

Tiki and Mistress Kim

Often when I am out and about doing the fashion things I have 'oh my' moments, meaning for some reason the beauty Gods are not looking after me. This is when I call on a team of seasoned professionals to help me out of my bad hair day dramas.

Tiki and Mistress Kim

It is great to have a team of ladies like the Mistress' of the Lindy Charm School to help out, hence my Wintersun moment a few months ago. Not just because the stress levels dropped in an instance, but because you often get to see someone's skill in this area. Not to mention be pleasantly surprised at the results.

The Result

You can also increase your own skill set by asking questions while being 'prepared'. You never know what secrets and tips you can pick up. For instance being given shortcuts for doing my 'victory rolls' from the Lindy Charm ladies has been fantastic, and reduced my stress.

Miss Carly & Wintersun Model


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