Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whats the story?

My Grandmother (white dress & black hat), Aunt (other end with Big hat), Aunt (sitting on the ground),
and Mother (the baby) at my mothers christening

The story behind fashion has always interested me. Apart from the "how did they make it" question, for me there has always been why did it survive? Who's was it? What was its importance? Who wore it? Why? So after being at The Way We Wore and Wintersun it's got me looking at my true vintage pieces. While out and about I have been wearing a few Marcasite jewelry pieces that have been passed down in my family. Ok so no big thing you might say, but the 3 pieces I've been wearing come from 3 sisters. Boyce (my aunt), Nancy (my aunt) and Molly (my grandmother). Some of these pieces I've grown up playing with as Boyce would often let me play dress up with her jewelry, which may go someways to explain why I love the 1950's.

My Grandmother

My screw on earrings were from my Grandmother, in fact I don't think she actually got her ears pierced until I was little, which is why I used to 'play ladies' by wearing her clip on earrings as a little girl. My Grandmother always had a story behind her jewelry like her pearls from her trip to Japan. Which makes me wonder how many times these earrings went to dances and parties with her. Was she wearing them when she met my Grandfather??????


My broach came from Auntie, a woman who was amazing in my eyes. She had friends all around the world, could always tell you a tale and also spent many years working in Buckley's (now David Jones) which meant she had the most amazing wardrobe. At least that's what I remember as a little kid. Again I wonder wear she used to wear this broach, as I know she would of been the life of the party when she was out.

My Aunt

And finally my ring from other Aunt. Sadly she passed away before I was born but this image above is one I grew up with as it used to hang in my Grandmothers house. In truth I think it was this image that made me want to know more about the time the 3 girls grew up in.

It seems weird and yet amazing to think that after all these years the 3 pieces are all together again, ok so the sisters might not be but there legacy lives on as the pieces have been pasted down to me. Which does make me ask the question why did these pieces survive? What was so special about them? Why did after the death of each sister did they get pasted onto the next, then to my mother and then to me? These are pieces I will treasure, forever and hopefully pass onto my daughters.

So next time you purchase a vintage piece spare a moment and think about its history, its journey and why its in your hands now.


Deborah said...

Dont forget Aunty Bessie as well- top photo -opposite end to Molly - also large hat.

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