Friday, July 9, 2010

Travel Tunes

Surprise Surprise I'm on the road again. So instead of talking about packing I thought I'd talk about music to travel with.

In this modern world of MP3 players and alike its great to have so much music at your fingertips and usually be able to make the whole trip with out the batteries dying on you.

Personally I have 2 playlists for my travels - 'to' which is all happy bouncy stuff and often tailored to have a vibe of the trip i.e rockabilly for wintersun & 'from' which is a bit slower usually to help me chill out after a full on weekend.

Currently my 'To' list includes (in no order)
Hurt Feelings - Flight of the Concords
The Rain - Horrorshow
Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra
Fever - Peggy Lee
Why don't you do right - Peggy Lee
A huge collection of Amanda Palmer and Ani Difranco's works
Children - Robert Miles
Lingering Dad - Tripod
Ivory Tower - Tripos
Arrivals Gate - Ani Difranco

I find music can really change your mood and when I travel its also good to help me get in the right mindset. So next time you hop a flight make yourself a playlist.


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