Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Goodbye Guests

Having guests all went well. Thankfully they were ok living in my half finished house. So I thought I’d offer a glimpse into what you can do when people arrive in Melbourne.
BamBam & Kitty
As we only had 3 days and as one guest had never been to Melbourne it was a case of how much can we fit in and show a locals guide to Melbourne. We did do the normal Flinders street station, tram spotting, Federation square and I guess what you would say the normal visitor places.

Then it was off to Degraves street for food at The Quarter and a stop at little cupcakes, a bit of shopping in all the cool alley way stores and of course more cupcakes at the Cupcake Bakery.

A quick trip up Mckillop Street to find the haunted bookshop and Wildlocks for some alternative reading and clothing. Not to mention a stop at Antons.

Then a tram ride to St Kilda for Mexican food at Blue Corn. Of course more shopping and more food.

Nights were spent showing off Burlesque Bar, Order of Melbourne and Curtain House with my favourite Rooftop bar. Lets just say it was a busy few days!


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