Monday, July 26, 2010

Recon for next weekend

Yep, time to jump on the train and head into the city.

The Mission : to search out some cool vintage and alternative fashion stores before next August 7th's get together of vintage and alternative shoppers.

So armed with a multitude of layers for the cold and a very big hot chocolate it was off to the city to pick up AK. Of course we just had to check out our usual haunts like Retrostar, Shag, Route 66 and a couple of others in the city CBD. Then a much needed break out at our cool little hang out Groove Train to see Ms Midnight. Plus as a special geek bonus I got to meet the members of the Fighting 501st Star Wars group. Ok so not vintage but as I am trying to make/find a Mara Jade costume for the next Star Wars event (yes light saber is on order) it was so cool to meet a member and be able to chat with them. If you have ever watched the doco "Heart of the Force" you will understand why I think these guys are so amazing.

How cool is this hot chocolate Ms Midnight made for me, and yes it was super yummy! Then after a much needed break it was off to South Melbourne for inspection of the op shops and South Melbourne market. And of course DIM SUM!!!!

The results was..... ok so we found some good things which means there are more options for the August get together. Plus LOTS of planning on where the group will meet and most importanly travel and shop! So all in order a rather good planning day.

Tiki & AK
AK looking very serious as we ponder where to go next

A big thank you to Ms Midnight for her much needed treats, to Brad and Amy for all their Mara Jade info, and for AK to be open to walking around various alley ways and indulging my weakness at the GPO.

See you all soon at the get together!


Carrickters said...

If you ever want to get out of the city and take a trip to the Dandenongs you should visit the Soda Tree cafe in Montrose - it's all 50's style and they even use retro recipes. Next door is Atomic Artifacts which stocks vintage everything. The address is 970 Mt. Dandenong Tourist Rd Montrose.

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