Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Very Good Day for Shopping

On a very chilly Melbourne morning I rugged up in my finest little black dress to brave the elements and hunt through a multitude of vintage/op shops and retro stores all in search of treasure. Organized by a friend of mine Allan a group of various collectors and lovers of all different era's of fashion we were to spend the day sharing our own 'hidden gems' of the second hand stores.

Needless to say we all had our own agenda of what we wanted to find. For myself and a couple of others it was vintage lingerie. Which although we may not of found it in huge numbers we did come across a couple of places that had some wonderful slips from the 50's and 60's. So of course it was a case of try on and then buy. I walked away with ........

Within the collection I managed to find an ivory silk number label and fabric suggest late 50's early 60's but has such a classic cut. Found at Retrostar in the Melbourne CBD. A great store above Swanston Street housing over 10,000 items which has all different era's in shoes, vintage clothing and accessories. From the 1940’s to the 1980’s, you will find vintage dresses, psychedelic prints, 70’s flares, western boots, vintage t-shirts, jeans or jackets.


Another great find, also from Retrostar was this super cute sage green number.

After Retrostar, it was off to other great stores like Shag, various op shops, Anonymous Posh and so many that I have lost track of all the names, and then off to Windsor and the Chapel Street Bazaar. Which is where I picked up this super stunning black number.

As well as another ivory number. It was very had to walk away from the couple of super cute 1950's prom dresses, but who know's maybe next time.

I even managed to pick up a vintage 1950's Van Raalte ivory slip (image to come) on the return mini trip on the sunday.

After a long day of hunting, finding and most of all making some really great new friends it was time for this little doll to bid farewell under the giant moon of Federation square and head home. So to all who came a big thank you for a great day! See you in 6 weeks for another day of hunting and laughs.


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