Friday, June 1, 2012

Supanova 2012

 Ok so its taken me ages to put up even some of the Supanova photos but here are a couple.  I also found a great clip which shows you even more of the ultra cool people that attended this event around the nation.

My main two highlights were .......

 Meeting Richard Horvitz, getting autographs and of course posing for this photo.  In case your wondering we had just yelled "I AM ZIM" at the camera before they snapped the pic hence the expressions. I still laugh at that everytime I look at the pic.

And Second......

Meeting and getting a hug from Will Wheaton.  Some of you may know him from The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's nemesis, but I grew up watching Will on Star Trek TNG and then he popped up on my fav web show the Guild as Fox.  So to get this close and get a hug was AWESOME.  

If you saw me after each of these meeting I was like a little kid,  and speaking of being a little kid I even saw ELMO at the event.

Now you may be also wondering who on earth I was dressed as well......I went as GAZ from Invader Zim which made meeting Richard even more special as his first words to me "Wow its Gaz".  However I wasn't the best dressed person there, the hardcore Cosplay fans were amazing.  Check out the vid below to see what I mean.  

 Live Long and Prosper, May the Force be with you and may you all enjoy a bit of Cosplay now and then.


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