Tuesday, June 19, 2012

put the kettle on please

Right now I'm freezing my little socks of here in Melbourne so I figured it was a great time to share some of my love of tea with you as its the perfect drink to keep you warm. Not to mention with so many great herbals teas out there you can find the right one to warm your spirits as well as your body.

Personally I'm a fan of the tea's made by T2 but its all a matter of personal choice and preference.  
T2 3 Stack Orange

I am really enjoying drinking the 'orange stack' from T2 which includes refresh, sleep tight and relax tea.  3 things which I really need to do this time of year.  I just adore the sleep tight as its full of Lemonbalm, jasmine flower, lavender and rose petals.  How cool is that ROSE PETALS!!!

My fav ways of brewing are Loose leaf in a teapot and using a tea ball.  For those of you unsure what I'm talking about when I say teaball its a ball often made from aluminim or stainless steel mesh that the tea leaves sit in inside your cup or teapot.  They can be purchased from all good tea stores or your local supermarket.  The trick with these items is to make your your leaves still have room to circulate inside the ball to ensure you get the flavor from your leaves.  

So if you need a quick winter warm up go put that kettle on and start brewing.


Modman said...

Nice article Ah tea where would we be without it

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