Monday, June 11, 2012

For the princess in all of us

Every time I start a new job or get moved to a new location I treat myself to a new perfume.  Its partly a treat and partly to bring some joy to my day, and it also reminds me of chapters in my life.  

As I am about to move store locations again my latest addition to my perfume collection is Vera Wang's Princess.  But why this perfume you may be asking?  

Firstly Princess is one of my nicknames just made it one I had to try and secondly I adore the feminine fruity/floral scent. And of course the third reason that attracts me to try most of the perfumes I own the ultra cute heart-shaped bottle which has a little ring under the cap.  I also managed to pick up the box collection at my local Chemist warehouse at a great price of $49.99 which also included a mini bottle, body wash and moisturizer.  So overall a great deal.  

So keep your eyes open for this little princess


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