Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking beyond the flat pack

Alright some of you out there might cringe at the thought of shopping at big brand Ikea. Personally I like putting all the stuff together and also looking at what you can do with a blank canvas.  Thanks to a friend of mine I have found out that I'm not the only person who doesn't just accept what the instructions say.  This website is called Ikea Hackers; so if you ever thought there was more to be made from your purchase you will love seeing what others have come up with.  So with that said I thought I would show you a couple of great ideas.

Materials: Ikea Lack, LED
Description: Take a LACK side table (only the table without the legs), remove the insides. Make a drawing to decide where to place the LED holes in the table top. Place the strips of LEDs on all four sides of the table and connect to the transformer.

Or how about this

Materials: lampshade (for example, Ikea JÄRA diameter 34cm), craft petals (I needed for my lampshade 300-400 pieces), hot glue and hot glue gun, scissors

Description: I found craft petals really yummy, so I started to wonder what could I do with those. A Lampshade! This project is super easy and fast. Suitable also for beginners. 

ok just one more

Floating tables by Bart, Netherlands

Materials: Lack table

Description: Saw the legs of the table on the desired length. Glue the legs on the underside of the table, off course it is best to glue the side with the biggest area. Note that there is a tradeoff between stability and appearance of floating. I have chosen to position the rear legs as far as possible to the rear but a little of the side. The front legs are mounted approximately 10 cm of the two sides.

so go and check out some of the inspiration


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