Monday, June 4, 2012

Tom Dickens a musical angel

Music means so much to me, and its no secret that I love artists that play from the heart.  If your music has a story to tell then let me hear it and especially if your an independent artist let me share in your passion.  This probably all stems from growing up around struggling musicians and artists but I believe we are all here to support the arts in all its forms.  

Thanks to the many independent artist I listen to and attend performances of I have been introduced to so many more amazing talents out there.  It was just over a year ago that one such artist introduced me to The Jane Austen Argument whom I adore.  Which of course has lead me to listen to the works of Tom Dickens on his solo projects.  

Tom Dickens describes himself on his website as "an independent musician, singer, songwriter, performer and director based in Melbourne. I am a solo artist, and also a founding member of The Jane Austen Argument"  Personally I see him as a musical angel who's music cuts you to the core then holds you while you give over to emotion.  Its hard for me to choose a favourite of his songs but if push came to shove I would have to say "the Unchartered" is my pick. There is just something on about this piece that draws me in and wants to fall asleep to it only in the hope that I dream of a world where everything is possible.

Which brings me to another ask of you all dear readers.  

As Tom says "it is such a exciting time to be a musician right now.  The rules have changed.  The relationship between the artist and the audience is just so much closer than it ever has been before" which means you can now really show your support.  Put your money and support right behind the artist; cement the connection that says "I love what you do and what you create".  So please watch the vid link below and pledge what you can to help this amazing melbourne dream creator make his dream come true.

Also if you want to hear this music in the flesh come join me and others at the Balaclava Hotel, Melbourne this friday night (june 8th) and cheer on this brilliant artist and his sings his songs for us.  You will be really glad you braved the cold melbourne weather to hear him.  Much love to you Mr Dickens from this little tikidoll


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