Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tarantula Clothing Company

Are you like me? Often looking in that wardrobe and thinking I have nothing to wear. Yep its a common problem us ladies often have. However I have recently found a new clothing label that will answer your prayers. The great team at Tarantula Clothing Company are hear to answer to all your sexy prayers.

If you haven't heard of the Tarantula Clothing Company its the brain child of David C. and partner Albert R. David is the main designer and pattern-maker. Everything is hand crafted in Downtown Los Angeles. All pieces are 100% originals. Many pieces are considered collectibles as once they run through fabric it is not guaranteed they will find the same fabric ever again. No other company is quite like them and if you buy a piece of tarantula you’ll know why! Tarantula continues to work with only 3 members of their crew, who live the lifestyle and so should you!

So I highly suggest that you jump online and have a look at their stunning designs, hey its almost christmas so why not treat yourself.


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