Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Craft-a-noon

After a few hours of sorting out my craft room - formally known as the room of boxes - I decided it was time to reward myself with a bit of a craft-a-noon.

Last year at the Melbourne Craft Show I came across a few really cool pieces which were wooden cutouts in the shapes of dress makers models, cogs and corsets. I've been trying for ages to figure out which project I could use them for. Needless to say as I dug through boxes it all started coming together.....

I managed to lay my hands on some basic black craft paper, Kaiserkraft - dressprint cardstock, my wood cutouts and my basic black A4 frames I had left over from my Vintage Vogue project. This was another very easy project to do and really you could do any theme you like, you just need the bits LOL

All I did was cut out and A4 size backing with the black cardstock; then added a small rectangle of the dressprint cardstock. After that it was an easy task to simply glue in place the wood cutouts.

Then pop into the simple frames and its done. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to hang the pieces. My first instinct is in the craft room, so that's were I'm sure they'll end up, it just depends on the wall space once I've finished my other projects for that room.

So watch this space for more updates on the craft room.


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