Monday, August 22, 2011

Geek Goddess

Yep I'm looking for more style icons. However this time I'm not hunting down more 1950's gals from around the globe. Instead I am looking for inspiration to help bring my inner geek gal goddess to the surface, try saying that after 4 champagnes. Yep you guessed it, I'm having a minor identity crisis thanks to the new 9-5 job I've taken on. That's right I now get to spend a good part of my week playing with technology!!! Don't panic yet there is still plenty of space for my red lipstick and victory rolls, just now I also get to play the uber geek card.

My first go to gals are Felicia Day from my favorite MMORPG inspired web series The Guild and Pauley Perrette from NCIS. Felica (the redhead) is great as see has the cool geek vibe with a real sweetness to her character and her avatar as Codex is super cool to me. Pauley taps into my inner goth with a great 'dark preppy girl' feel as well.

As I said before the trick I now have to do is to combine my rockabilly gal style with my geek. Hey who said you always had to be the same, I might even through in a bit of pyschobilly or steampunk into the mix. Right must start making hair ties that combine old computer parts and ribbon.

So I'm off to find out more, wash my new uniform and liberate my kawaii accessories and get ready for work.


Kendie said...

love the idea of steampunck geek

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