Thursday, July 14, 2011

You're Where?????

On a very cold Melbourne evening this born and bred AFL gal did a very strange thing......she went to the soccer. Yep I was lucky enough to be taken to the coolest pre-season match in melbourne (according to the guys I went with) the Melbourne Victory Vs Celtic game.

So armed with my own soccer info team of boys (Twist, Doby and Mike) we headed into the city. I can tell you now I still have no idea what 'off side' is, but at least they told me which were good players. The best part of this evening was being introduced to a sport I've had very little exposure to. Plus going with some fans of the Melbourne Victory team made it better as they taught me some chants to apparently 'help encourage the players'

My only advice is if your going to AAMI stadium on a wet Melbourne winters night, rug up warm. Hence the photo above is of me in a very heavy jacket, scarf and gloves. Oh and don't be surprised if your fantastic cheerleader hair style get ruined with the wind and the rain. (I will try and redo so you can see a photo less 'windswept')

Oh and learn where the hot chocolate bar is as soon as you appear, because after 77 minutes in the cold you start to loose feeling in your hands and a hot chocolate will help you reach full time.
Overall a great night and thanks Twist, Doby and Mike for taking me.


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