Friday, July 15, 2011

Planning my Staycation

Sure you may be wondering what on earth I'm talking about when I say I'm planning a staycation. Well for those of you unsure what I mean a staycation is when you have a vacation but stay at home. Due to my store being 'refit' I am having a forced break. Yes I'd love to be jetting off to some distant land to relax in the sun however the little piggy bank doesn't agree. So instead I'm going to use my break to relax, recharge and do all those little odd jobs I've been putting while my work/life balance has gone astray.

But what I am actually going to do with all this free time you may ask, well its a bit daunting if I'm honest. This is why I've decided to plan an 'itinerary' for myself so I can get the most out of my time off. Nothing is set in stone yet, hence my planning day today, but here is a list of things I want to do.

1. Sleep in

2. Catch up on my reading

3. Reorganize my office and probably my house too

4. Spend time with friends

5. Have a movie day (re-watching all my old favourite DVD's)

6. Re-decorate my house
(basically move stuff and maybe the odd bit of thrift store shopping)

7. Lots of Cooking

I'm sure there are going to be lots more 'to do's' added to my list as the days go on but thats the list so far.


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