Sunday, July 17, 2011

Art on a budget

Ok so I woke up bitten by the art and craft bug this morning. So after a much needed planning session and a perfect excuse to have Bavarian Apple pancakes it was time to put on my 'arty' hat and create.

Now if your like me you have a lot of wall spaces and a limit on just how much you can spend at your local art gallery. So with this in mind it was time to get creative.

My answer to this......use what I've got. I like to collect patterns of vintage clothing so why not make this a cute feature in my home.

What you will need
- Photo frames.
- Patterns
- Glue
- White paper - used as a backing sheet
- Colour Photocopier - I went to my local Officeworks

First thing was to hunt around my craft room to find my box of patterns. For this project I've used ones I've collected over the years from Vogue when they have re-released their designs. The really cool things about these are the great images and they have a date of release on them.

I've gone for plain black certificate frames that I picked up at a stores closing down sale. In fact I managed to get a box of 2o frames for $5 so this really reduces the costs of this project. However you could use any frame that you desire which suits your home.

Then a quick trip to get color photocopies of each design, an even quicker bit of cut and paste and there you have it. Once all stuck down and in frames, simply hang and stand back to admire your work. Easy as!!!! The great thing is with this as the images are just photocopies you can change them with any new pattern you find or when ever the mood changes you.

For these designs I've hung them in age order starting with 1949 all the way up to 1957. Because of the cheap frames the total project cost me under $10 for all of the art work and materials!!!!! See you can have amazing art on a very small budget.


Madame B Fatale said...

Awesome Idea!! I have soo many vintage patterns lying around, I have a habit of buying them from opshops whenever I come across them.

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