Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It all ends July 13

Nope I'm not talking about the Australian release of Harry Potter, I'm actually talking about something very close to my heart. I'm actually talking about the final closures of the Borders and Angus&Robertson bookstores.

Now regardless on what your personal opinions are on these brands my main reasons for mourning this day is the following
- the loss of places to buy books
- the loss of 1000's of jobs
- the harsh behaviour many of the staff received from people they didn't know

It is with a heavy heart that many staff will close their doors for the final time today. Saying goodbye to knowledge, loyal customers, co-workers and for many their income. My heart goes out to all the staff who were spat at, threatened and abused just for turning up to work. To all of you I wish you all the best in the future.

What also concerns me is the lack of places the Australian community will have to buy books. Sure many people will say 'go online' but what about those that can't or don't have access to the internet. Others will say 'go to readings or another book store'; sure go to another book store if you can find them. However remember that no store is safe and without our trade they will not exist.

So please put down that magazine and read a book. Remember that every dollar we choose to spend in a physical store keeps people in jobs, and please remember that the reason why store prices are higher than online are for reasons such as paying staff, electricity, stock, rent and a thousand and one other things most people don't consider when looking at a price tag.

They often say we don't know what we've got till its gone, so please think about the places and way you shop. And most of all remember that there are people with real feelings behind that counter. Hearing the questions "when are you closing?", "have you lost your job?" are doing nothing but upsetting staff. To be honest its none of your business about their payouts, closing dates, job status. If you want to help give the staff a box of chocolates when their closing or just a simple Thank you.

Ok so I've had my rant but I thought I would leave you with a poem which was read at the closing of one of the borders stores, which brings me to tears to think about the family that many stores created with their staff and have now lost.

"I sing to you for the final time
I send you my love via this terrible rhyme
How far we have come, its been a blast
Our time at Borders has just gone really fast
Be still for a second and look around
At the shelves, at the tree
At the friends we have found
Thank you all for being so amazing
For the good times, for the bad times
For the slacking and the slaving
I'm sure we appreciate just how lucky we have been
To experience a job like this
For the things we've done and seen
So my lovely lovelies its time for us to go
lets lock the doors for the last time
try not to feel too low
thank you for your hard work
thank you very much
Good luck, Farewell and all the very best
And try and keep in touch"


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