Monday, July 4, 2011

so your total is.....

A few days ago I decided to set myself a challenge to update my winter look with a $50 limit. Now as well all know I like value for my money and a few different colours so I can change the look to suit various outfits, so I headed off for my local shopping center. Normally when going on a make up makeover I would head to some of my favorite brands like MAC, Benefit and Napoleon Perdis however in interest of writing a piece about revamping on a budget I headed for a little store called Gloss.

Gloss is great and stocks many different brands including ChiChi, Revlon and MaxFactor. However on this trip I headed straight for another fav brand of mine BYS. Why do I like BYS??? Simple great colours, quality make up and at a sensible price. So this is what I got....

All of the items pictured came in under my budget, in total all of this cost me $48.10 but what did I get, well lets get up close and personal with the items

1 x Eyeshadow 5 Piece Horizontal Purples & Black - Smokey Purples
1 x Eyeshadow 5 Piece Horizontal Pinks/Purples - Spring Bouquet
1 x Eyeshadow 5 Piece Horizontal High Shine - Galaxy

1 x Shimmer Powder White Wonder 1 x Eyeliner Liquid Glitter Purple

Lipliner Pencil First Kiss (left)
Lipliner Pencil Red (middle)
Lipgloss Diamond Shine In The Rough (right)

Lipstick Long Life Lip Service (left)
Lipstick Matte Rumba (middle)
Lipstick Matte Tango (right)

So needless to say I am very happy in my finds, now I just need to try my new looks for you all see you soon!!!


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