Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes Boss

Sometimes you want more than just a shirt and pants to wear to work, and for me I also want to embrace my love of the 1950's. Ok so I don't work in an office filled with ladies from Mad Men, but I have found a company that allows me to wear my style of dress that takes me back to that era. Thank goodness for Stop Staring clothing!

So its no real surprise how this black and pink number made it into my wardrobe. Of course its made of nice material with a bit of stretch so you can sit at a desk all day, but it also a stunning piece of office wear.

I think this little blue number may also have to make its way to my closet for a more casual friday. As I am not one for jeans and a tee this cute dress gives you a more relaxed feel but is still presentable just in case that unexpected client walks in. So hats off to the team at Stop Staring for these great work pieces.


Tony Gates said...

Hi TIki ,
You were lucky who got a chance to wear all kind clothes in her company. This is such environment in which we think beyond to wear a normal Paint and shirt.

lead answer

Tiki Doll said...

It always great when you can find a few pieces that allow you to express your own style as well as 'fitting in' with the current standards.

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