Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun on the road

Ok so I'm finally back on my home soil after a very busy week at the C.S.A.N.Z conference and yes a much needed glass of champers was had at the end. It can often be a strange life on the road and yes I did wake up a few times at 3 am and wonder what town I was in. Thankfully the crew that I was working with also had the same moments during the week. It may have been 7 days of work filled with long hours, midnight shopping trips to the supermarket and confusing the locals, but there was time for fun. So I thought I'd post a couple of snapshots from the week that was.
As you can see its not all glamor on the road, sometimes you get to wake up in the dark and wear this stunning number. LOL. Yep that's me in my 'high vis' vest before we headed to the convention centre to 'bump' in. At least I blended in with the teams of stand builders even if I was the only girl there. A big shout out to the Infocus crew and the Image3D crew for there help, smiles and laughs.

But yes we did get a chance to make ourselves beautiful. Another big thanks to Mikii and Lele for the laughs and for making the best coffee and hot chocolates to keep us all going.

Because I promised I'd mention it on the site here are a few quotes to make you smile *sorry to everyone else reading*

"not my favourite"
"only forks WTF"
"Friends or lovers"
"He knows boats"
"Adam and holdfastbay"

Now back to some form of reality until the next trip, and a quick reminder to all of you who have to work far from home. Enjoy your down time, remember to smile and always have a laugh as you'd be surprised just how much better your day can be when you do.


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