Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road Trip

Well I'm on the road again. This time heading to Adelaide or Radelaide as my buddy Raf calls it. So this does mean that Mikii and I are trapped in a Van heading on the 8 hour trip today. However the upside is we get time to talk, stop in Ballarat and of course see some of the strange sides that the rural community has to offer.

First stop was the home town of my buddy AK, Ballarat. I have mostly known this town because of childhood trips to the Gold Fields with family. For those of you who don't know Ballarat was the heart of the gold rush country and the Eureka Stockade 1854 which is considered to be a defining moment in Australian History. So during its boom time 1851 and the late 1860s there were some stunning town centre and homestead built, many of which still stand today.

So of course we had to stop for a much needed snack and hot chocolate, and a chance to stretch our legs.

MMMMM Cofffee! Then it was time to hit the road again with the plan to get to adelaide before nightfall.

But we did have to stop when we saw this......

The Giant Koala! Don't quiet know what Australia loves about building gaint things (re: big pinapple, big prawn, big merino sheep) but while on the road it was a welcomed WTF moment, which did give us many giggles for the rest of the trip.

Then a few hours later, 6 to be exact we made it to Adelaide. Settled into our apartment and went in search of dinner. We ended up down by the water (the edge of the Great australian bite) and feasted on indian. I would post photos but lets just say after 9 hours in a van this little doll looked a little less polished than I'd like.


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